Each of the four organizing partners of HEART OF HAWAII HULA COMPANY has been dancing hula for most of her adult life.  We met many years ago while members of the Stars of the South Pacific in Chicago, Illinois, and then individually or collectively went on to other troupes before joining together to form Heart of Hawaii Hula Company in 2010. Since its founding, HHHC is happy to have grown in membership to include long-time hula sisters who share the love of hula and the values HHHC embraces.  HHHC is dedicated to sharing Aloha as we continue to learn more about the culture and dances of Polynesia.

The members of the Company have studied regularly with noted Kumu Hulas (teachers) from the Islands.  For more than 20 years, we have met with the Hawaiian experts on the mainland, and members of the Company have traveled extensively to Hawaii, Tahiti, and the far off Island of New Zealand, to study not only the dances, but the cultures of the Polynesian people.  Sharing this information through our performances by way of music, authentic chants, modern dances, and costuming, is our mission. 

Heart of Hawaii Hula Company offers a highly entertaining show whether designed for large stage productions or small social gatherings.  The Company offers a show that is family friendly, includes traditional dances from the islands, comedy hulas, and fun-filled audience lessons complete with grass skirts and coconut bras!  HHHC is known for its beautiful costumes, authentic hulas, and dedication to the cultures and spirit of Hawaii and all of Polynesia.  Heart of Hawaii Hula Company is affordable.  We are happy to prepare a show that will work within your budget.

Note:  While the Company prides itself on authenticity, the dancers are not of Island descent.



To learn more, contact Reneé (Luana) Page at 847-931-9770,

See us on Facebook at “Heart of Hawai’i Hula Company.”